2017 Annual Presso’ Wrap Up

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Fellow loggers,

The 2017 competition season wrapped up last Sunday with members rocking up to Cherry St Sports club board room for the annual presentation.

Before the presentations members were treated to complimentary meat and cheese platters while having a few drinks and chatting about the 2017 comp year outcomes and lodging their  votes for the Club Person of the Year and Goofy’s Choice awards.

Ballina Men’s Shed did a great job on this year’s trophies!,

The divisional placings Trophies this year were made by the Ballina Men’s Shed and featured a polished timber long-board atop a wave. Thanks to Bruce Wilson for coming up with the design and organising their production.

VP Bruce Wilson took centre stage, and with the assistance of Steve Watts and his lovely side-kick (his wife) Carmel, proceeded to hand out the trophies.


Firsts: 1. Steve Watts (Club Champion) 2. Chris Bull

Seconds: 1. Peter Briggs 2. Col Harper

Thirds: 1. Bob Wilcox 2. Paul Bioletti

Fourths: 1. Bill Webster, 2. Jan Webster

Most Improved: Col Harper

Club Person  of the year: Bruce Wilson

Goofy’s Choice: Bruce Wilson

As is customary each year, Evelyn Rich  presented the Alan Rich Memorial trophy to Steve Watts, our 2017 Club Champion . 

Alan’s wife Evelyn presented the Club Champ trophy to Steve Watts.

A big thank you goes to the committee this year, Bruce & Steve for filling in due to workload and illness knocking out President Frank & Captain Ed, Treasurer Mark, Risk Manager Col,  and Bill for their commitment to the monthly committee meetings and catering, and sisters Kerry & Jan for organising our eagerly anticipated social events throughout 2017. Col Woodbry, our new Risk Manager, also did a great job of getting us compliant with our insurer this year, thank Col! Also thanks to Peter & Marg Bryant for looking after the club trailer and transporting it to our events. And finally a huge “well done” to all the competitors this year who made 2017 a successful year under difficult circumstances.

Congratulations to all the winners this year, it is no coincidence all the winners competed regularly at the monthly comps. That’s the go with point score comps, you’ve got to surf regularly!

VP Bruce Wilson cleaned up winning Club Person of the Year and the Goofy’s Choice trophies!
Bully was stoked to win second place this year.
Col Harper scored the Most Improved trophy and runner-up in Second Division.
Bob Wilcox winner of the Third Division.

After the presentation members enjoyed the great food now available from the Cherry St Sports Club bistro while having a final social catch up before the silly season begins.

I take this opportunity to wish all our members and their families a safe and surf-filled holiday season. We hope to see you all at our first comp round and Annual General Meeting on Sunday 4th February 2018.

All the best, see you in the surf!



See the following gallery for all the pics…


Message from your Acting President

Aloha fellow flattie crew,

This year we had seen crowds growing at our beloved Flattie, car park always full, sand shifting inside the point, some good days and some bad. It also went without saying the numbers were down for the club rounds this year with injuries, illnesses, travelling, setting up a new business establishments which in turn saw some of the regular members out of action even though we managed to hold the comps on a regular basis only postponing in conditions that were not favourable to surf.

Looking over this year I have seen core members step up and would like to thank them on behalf of the club for their support in 2017.

Chris B I don’t envy your role as club secretary and I take my hat off to you, great job Chris. Special thanks goes out to Bill Webster always willing to add his support where and when he can, now that’s what this club is all about. Mark M the gatekeeper of our funds good work Mark. There was also VC Steve W thrown in the deep end due to Ed’s operation in taking over the Captains job which is not an easy role being responsible and accountable to ensure the monthly comps run smoothly and safely, thanks Steve. Then there are the ones that sometimes I think we take for granted that help out behind the scenes such as Peter & Marg B always looking after the clubs trailer and equipment you have been doing it for years now, thanks guys. Where would we be without the girls from the Social club Jan W, Kerry W, Marg B, who keep together the agenda for our social events, good work girls hope to see some fun events for 2018.  Then there are those that help set up the comp site, judge on the day, cater for the crew thank you all. There was one person who I noticed we missed this year and that was Eric Walkers contribution with the judging, so I am hoping to see you back in the water with us next year Eric.

Congratulations goes out to all those members that were awarded trophies this year, well done it was a good turnout on the day. We are also looking for members that may want to assist or be part of the committee for 2018 if you feel you can contribute let us know. Our AGM is will be held on the first comp round in February 2018. I am looking at attaching a survey for our members to fill in with their membership forms as well at the AGM.

So thus ends another year for the club, I wish you a Merry Xmas and a Happy Prosperous New Year to you and your families.

Thank you to all our sponsors for their support throughout the year; hope to see you onboard next year.

Stay wet, stay safe & hope to see you in the water.

VP Bruce E Wilson

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