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Hi Everyone,

Club rounds are on the 1st Sunday of each month unless it clashes with another event.  Meetings are held in the Cherry St Bowlo from 6:00pm-7:00pm dates as per the calendar below please wear you BMC shirts and show support.

Social Committee – information will be on the website or you can phone Jan Webster 0427738006 or 66874886, or Kerry Wilcox on 0401710401. For social events we need you to confirm your attendance with the social committee before the night.

2017 Calendar 

5th February – club round & AGM

Committee Meeting 27th Feb

March 5th  – club round meet Flatrock

Saturday March 11th  – Cherry St Sports Club 6 30pm for al la Carte dinner and music (Pistol Whipt)

Committee Meeting 27th March

April 2nd  – club round Flatrock (turn clocks back 1 hour)

Committee Meeting 1st May

May 7st   club round meet Flatrock

Committee Meeting 29th May

Saturday 13th May– COAST at Lennox Head (Retro surf gear night)

June 4th – club round meet Flatrock

Committee Meeting 26th June

June 11th, 12th and 13th June long weekend

June Social Event Wrecks & Relics Noosa competition 10th and 11th June

July 2rd   – club round Flatrock

Saturday July 8thIndian Christmas in July – Curry and music jam

Committee Meeting 31st July

August 6th  – club round Flatrock

Committee Meeting 28th August

Saturday August  19th   – Red Wok Ballina

Sept 3rd   – club round Flatrock (Fathers day)

Committee Meeting 2nd October

Sept 9th   – Cherry St Sports

October 8th  club round Flatrock

Committee Meeting 30th October

October 27, 28, 29th  – Woolgoolga campout  TBA Need to book your own accommodation early!! More information available as the weekend gets closer. Bollywood markets on Saturday J

November 5th     – club round Flatrock

Committee Meeting 27th November

Saturday November 11th  – Che Bon

December 3rd  – club round Flatrock

Sunday Dec 10th – Presentation & Xmas party Cherry St Sorts Club

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