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Your 2017 committee:

President – Frank McWilliams

Vice President  – Bruce Wilson

Secretary – Chris Bull

Treasurer – Mark Muszynski

Club Captain – Ed Riordan

Assist Club Captain – Steve Watts

Risk Manager – Colin Woodbry

Social Committee – Kerry Wilcox, Jan Webster , Marg Bryant

General Members – Bill Webster, Paul Abbott

2016 President’s Message

A new year and hopefully we will be seeing some great waves with a fantastic start to the summer surf so far in 2016.

The first round in February was a bit challenging but I’m sure with the great banks at Flatty we will get some good waves for club rounds in the future.

My first Year in the Club Presidents chair!!…. a bit daunting but I’m sure under the guidance of some of the ‘Old boys’ we’ll all be fine. A big thanks to Wazza who did a fantastic job last year and Warren I have your number! And of course my trusty offsider Bruce Wilson, who swears he’ll be back terrorising us in the water soon!!

We love new members and so good see some this year and with some of the younger members stepping up to help on the committee while also giving some us the hurry up in the water…. I’m excited and I love it!

Ballina Mal Club has always been renowned for its comraderie with our love of socialising and our common love of ‘Surfing’. That love of surfing is the great elixir of life and the greater equalizer with the passing of time.  As proven by the bank at Flatty at the moment for anyone trying to get out in some of the recent swells!!  It can elate or deflate in a matter of moments…..that’s why is good to get back on the beach with those of a common understanding mixed with a fair bit of leg pulling!

Ed Riordan has stepped up and as Club Captain will be making the ‘Captain’s Calls’ this year for the club rounds with his side Mark Muszynski. Please help where you can, I’m sure they will accept. Thanks Ed.

On the other side we have our ever hard working our Social Committee planning up a year of events for all us to enjoy with our partners and friends. We will be publishing the new 2016 Social calendar on the website so look out for a great year ahead with some fantastic venues.

With our website in the capable hands of this year’s secretary, Chris Bull, we are already seeing news and some great interaction from our members I encourage all to sign up for the emails and get the news and comment….We will be featuring some ‘Members of the Month’ as we used to and everyone will get to tell story of what surfing means to them. It will be both interesting and entertaining and we’ll get to hear from our new surfers when they tell their stories.

Most of all ‘HAVE FUN’ because that’s what it’s all about and keeps us surfing.


Frank McWilliams