February Comp – Unofficial Results

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It appears that no one has posted the results of last Sunday’s comp, rather disappointing that a momentous occasion, such as last Sunday was, has been allowed to slip into history without due acclamation. Anyway, I thought I would ensure that this little piece of history is not lost in time, the results are:-

First – Mick Wilson

Unfortunately I do not know what happened after that, other than I also won the Groover’s voucher, was any body else there!

3 Replies to “February Comp – Unofficial Results”

  1. Mick,
    I was waiting to hear from Frank if Leo (Jason’s photographer mate from Argentina) had any pictures for me to use in the post. But you have gazumped me and forced me to post prematurely. One might assume you are a bit chuffed about winning the whole comp and the Groovers Voucher on the same day. Arssie bastard! (Sorry that should read Aussie Bastard!)

      1. Mick,
        Thanks for alerting me to that fact. I have now changed all members to the role of “contributor” which will require their posts to be approved by me.

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