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The Ballina Malibu club currently has 32 members of diverse ages and surfing abilities. The majority of members are in their late 30’s to mid 60’s and have surfed their whole lives. Collectively they have an extensive knowledge of surfing and survival in the ocean.

New Members

The Ballina Malibu Club is always keen to attract new members. Whether you are looking to raise the level of your surfing through friendly competition, or to increase your social involvement through participation in local sport, membership of the Ballina Malibu Club is an easy and affordable solution. The only criteria is that you must have a longboard over 9′ in length. Click here to download our membership application form…

The “Point-Score” Competition

Club competition rounds are held on the first Sunday of each month (except January) at Flat Rock just north of Ballina. The competition operates using a “Point Score System” which promotes fairness by attending every round. All surfers in the club will surf against each other over the course of the year. Each round the attending members are drawn into 4 or 5 members per heat, generally lasting 20 minutes where the best 2 waves rank the surfers. Surfers surf twice on the day, the first time to rank them into 1sts, 2nds, 3rds, or 4ths, the second time to rank them within the 1sts, 2nds, 3rds, or 4ths. Points are awarded as follows:

  • First in Firsts = 30 points
  • Second in Firsts = 29
  • Third in Firsts = 28
  • Fourth in Firsts = 27
  • First in Seconds = 26
  • Second in Seconds = 25
  • Third in Seconds = 24
  • etc etc

To arrive at our Division Champions, you must have achieved 3 or more results in any division to be in the running. If you have 3 or more results in more than one division, you will be awarded the highest division result. For example, you have three 2nd and three 3rd division results, you will qualify for the 2nd division awards.

The great benefit of the Point Score system is it really rewards attendance and is fair. Quite simply the more often you turn up the more likely you are to do well in the annual results, as all the attendance points will certainly add up. It’s not solely about surfing ability, commitment counts.

Most members will not be able to surf every month, or even both rounds every month, but you will still get some points. Just by turning up and not surfing you will also have points awarded. Helping setup and not surfing will still get you points.

The Social Scene

Club competition rounds usually finish with a social get together over a few cold beers on the beach. Club social events are programmed each year and are generally held on Friday evenings at various hotels and restaurants in the local area two weeks after each competition event. See the calendar page for dates and times.

And of course, outside of competition rounds it’s always great to paddle out into the surf and see other members, it just makes you feel at home.


The annual membership fee is $60 and includes a club t-shirt, stubbie-cooler, and sticker. There is a comp fee of $5 each round which covers your monthly competition entry fees and a BBQ during each comp round. The club covers the cost of meat and cheese platters at the annual presentation evening.

To find out more about the club you are welcome to turn up at Flat Rock at 7:00am on any competition day. Competitions start on the first Sunday in February each year and continue on the first Sunday of each month throughout the year. Just turn up and check out the scene!

You might like to download our membership form and pay your membership by direct deposit (bank details are listed on the form) then email the completed form to us at 

Alternatively you can download our membership form and post your completed form and cheque payable to “Ballina Malibu Club Inc” to Ballina Malibu Club, PO Box 1277, Ballina NSW 2478.

Mal On!