Newsletter – July 2017

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Fellow loggers,

Winter has well and truly arrived with some chilly mornings dampening the surfing spirit for some, like me.  I’m told there were some nice waves at Flattie last weekend, but I missed it!

Our last comp round was challenging with a big paddle for those keen to catch one from way out the back. See A/G Club Captain Steve’s report below for all the details.

Our “Winter in July – Curry & Jam” social event was held last Saturday night and it as a very Indian affair with loads of Indian decorations and tasty Indian curries, see the social report for all the details.

Hope to see you all at our next comp round.



A/G President’s Report

Just a brief report on the July comp round held at Flattie in very contestable conditions  with overhead sets pumping through.

Numbers were down but we had enough members to hold 2 heat’s in the first round then a combined heat of all surfers for the final round. It was a good call due to the sweep heading north along with pounding sets to contest with .

I take my hat off to you guys who surfed on Sunday it looked like hard work.

We were also treated to a special guest star on the day, yes Col Woodbury had surfaced to help with the day’s proceedings, good on ya Col. It was also good to see Frank for awhile checking in to see how things were going.

I see the sand has filled back in at Flattie with great banks off the point at the moment running through to the beach some of the best waves I have enjoyed in the last year or so.

That’s it from me stay wet.

Cheers, Bruce

Club Captain’s Report

A small group of committed members turned up at the last comp round on a very chilly Sunday morning. Options to run or delay the comp were discussed for nearly one hour while the temperature slowly climbed, eventually the call was made “It’s on!”

A reasonable size southerly swell was wrapping wide around Flat Rock. The wide sets proved a challenge for all with a long paddle out the back to catch the biggest of the waves on offer.

With only 10 starters it was thought a compressed comp format would suit better and the second round was reduced to just two heats. Congrats to all competitors on their commitment to the club rounds.


1sts:  1. Phil Geraghty, 2. Steve Watts

2nds: 1. Nick Steel, 2. Paul Bioletti

3rds: 1. Peter Briggs, 2. Chris Bull

4ths: 1. Geoff Rees, 2. Webster (DNS), 3. Steve Clayton (DNS)

5ths: 1. Bob Wilcox, 2. Bob May

Winners of the sponsors raffles were  Chris Bull (Barbery Coast), Bob May (Coast@Lennox Cafe), Bob Wilcox (Malibu Burgers).

The Lennox Longboard Classic is scheduled for August 12th & 13th. A few of our crew are competing so why not come along and show your support, Saturday Night at the Lennox Pub is always a fun night!

Our next comp round is on Sunday August 6th at Flat Rock , hope to see you all there!

Social Report

A crew of dedicated members and their partners and friends descended on Chris & Helen’s farm at Meerschaum Vale last Saturday night to enjoy an evening of great food, music, and socialising.

The crew arrived just before sunset, enjoying drinks overlooking the valley and watching the shadow of the setting sun creep across the valley floor. On this cool winter’s evening warm fires were a must with everyone jockeying for a position close to the fire pit.

Starter drinks watching the sun set and the moon rise.

After sunset the group moved to undercover seating surrounded by Indian adornments and began feasting on all manner of tasty Indian curries and sweet deserts, as well as a birthday cake for our entertainer Bob May.

The dining area was decorated with an assortment of Indian Faris from Jan’s closet!

Bob and his pal Tom arrived with an assortment of guitars and amplifiers looking very much the professionals. Bob and Tom entertained us with a collection of old favorites fitting for such a fine dining affair. The soothing sound  of Tom’s flute playing was particularly suited to the  theme for the event.  Many thanks to Bob & Tom for supporting our club social event and again Happy Birthday to young Bob!

Bob celebrated his 71st birthday on the night. Happy Birthday Bob!

After dinner Mumbai Santa arrived with his helper to handout secret santa presents to those willing to answer a  secret sexy question just for fun. Thanks to Paul for being a good sport and putting up with a face covered in boot polish!

Paul was talked into dressing up as Mumbai Santa for the Secret Santa presents. Thanks for being a good sport!

Special thanks go to the social committee, Kerry for organising the food, Jan & Bill for help with the decorating and logistics. It was a great team effort! Thanks guys!

Checkout all the pics by clicking on the following gallery…

BMC Christmas in July 2017 (1)

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Our next social event will be held on August 19th at Red Wok Thai restaurant in Ballina.  We will begin gathering numbers soon, please let the social committee know if you are interested in attending.

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