Newsletter October 2017

Fellow loggers,

Well it’s been an off again, on again, competition scene over the last few months with conditions proving difficult for the running of our monthly competitions. Too big, too small, too windy, you name it, it’s been thrown at us. The September round was eventually cancelled altogether after 3 postponements. See the comp report for all the details of our October round.

Our social year is coming to an end with one social event left before the annual presentation. We’ve only booked for 20 seats at our next event so please let the girls know asap to avoid missing out! See the social scene below for details.

Our VC Steve Watts is keen to prepare members in case of an emergency at the beach. He has offered to run a rescue and resuscitation training session. See the details below.

The number of members competing has dropped markedly towards the end of this year, in order to grow participation your committee is keen to know the reasons. We invite members to speak with a committee member to help us run your club for you.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon.




Vice President’s Report

Greetings fellow loggers,

On a lovely Spring day last Sunday we were able to hold our October club round at Flattie with around 15 or so members turning up for the event. Some of us chose not to surf due to injuries and just help out on the day with the running of the heats. That’s what I like to see even if you’re not surfing at least your contributing to the club by turning up and lending a hand, good on you guys.

A big welcome goes out to our two new members Will and John who surfed well on the day and had no problem fitting in with the group. We hope to see more of you guys at our future events.

With both our Captain and Vice Captain absent it was Bill Webster who stepped up on the day in order to run the comp thanks Bill as always you did a great job mate. Also to Peter Bryant no matter what the weather is like he is always reliable to ensure the clubs trailer is on hand thanks Pete.

Just another two comps and that’s it for 2017, gee this year has gone fast.

That’s all folks just a few brief words from me and see you all at the next club round in November.



Competition Scene

Thankfully we were able to run the October round last Sunday in small, clean conditions on the beach breaks out front.  Around 10 members turned up hoping to get a comp under our belts and Hewie did not disappoint.

Numbers were down again this month but it was a fun day for those who could make it.

We managed to form two heats of 5 competitors with extended 30 minute heats to take advantage of the small turn out and give competitors plenty of time to get two good waves on the judging sheets. The second round saw the combining of firsts & seconds and thirds & fourths to take advantage of the small turnout on the day.

Our Risk Manager, Col Woodbry, making the treck back to the point after a long wave to the beach.

It was great to see Nick Steele back in form and Club Captain Ed Riordan has been on the recruiting trail with two new members rocking up to join the round. A big welcome to Jonathan Hanley and and Will Haylock, two local guys who can really toss a long-board around. Will & Jonathan impressed the judges so much so they score 1-2 in the ranking on the day. These two guys will certainly raise the level of surfing in the club and challenge the existing membership. It’s will be an interesting year next year!


Firsts/Seconds: 1. Will Haylock, 2. Jonathan Hanley, 3. nick Steele, 4. Mark Muszynski, 5. col woodbry (DNS).

Thirds/Fourths: 1. Peter Briggs, 2. Bill Webster, 3. Chris bull, 4. Bob Wilcox, 5, Col Harper (DNS).

Our esteemed judges keeping a close eye on competitors.

With Acting Club Captain Steve watts away a big thanks goes to Bill Webster for standing in and organising the heats.

Unfortunately with the conditions on the day forecast to be poor the catering after the event was not prepared, but your committee will definitely ensure the next comp is fully catered with the usual food and drinks to which you are all accustomed.

Our next comp will be on Sunday 5th November. Turning up late can lead to postponed or cancelled events when numbers are down, so please arrive at 7:00 am sharp to ensure the comp runs on time. 

Social Scene

The annual Woolgoolga weekend away is on this weekend. We hope you guys get nice weather and fun waves!

Our next local social event is at Cherry St Sports at 6:30pm on Saturday 11th November and by chance it is the grand opening of the club’s refurbished premises.

We have booked dinner in the Bistro from 6:30 pm onwards and afterwards you are invited to stay on to enjoy popular Texan band Fossil Rock. The band’s Facebook page  says they are about Straight-Ahead Rock-n-Roll of our youth….. and FUN!

Artists we like include Led Zeppelin, Bad Company, ZZ Top, Peter Frampton, James Hendrix, Aerosmith….

So it should be a fun night in the newly refurbished club premises. We have tentatively booked for 20 people, so if you want to come please let Jan (0427-738-006) or Kerry (0401-710-401) know A.S.A.P.

Hope to see you all there!



P.S. Our annual presentation night will be held at Cherry St Sports on Saturday 10th December, we have booked the Board Room for the presentations from 4 to 7pm. Dinner will be in the boardroom for any who wish to stay on.

Safety Session

Vice Captain Steve Watts is keen to help members become prepared in the event of an emergency at the beach. Steve has offered to conduct a brief Rescue & Resuscitation session at Shaws Bay on Saturday 11th November at 2:00pm.

Steve will be conducting a demonstration of how to use a long-board to safely rescue a person in trouble in the water and how to perform CPR.  This brief course would be of benefit to everyone as these skills and knowledge can be applied in your every day lives to save someone.  Your committee will be attending and all members are invited to participate. Call Steve for more information on 0455-891-499.

Member Profile

This month we welcome newcomer Jonny Hanley.  Jonny and his mate Will competed in our last round and really impressed the judges. We look forward to seeing Jonny at our next round.   

NAME: Jonny Hanley

ADDRESS: 35 Oakwood Drive, Ballina

MOBILE: 0419 012 661

AGE: 28

ORIGINS: Cornwall, UK

FAMILY:  Wife, two older brother, one young sister, Mum – Heather Riordan, Stepdad – Ed Riordan

CURRENT JOB: Business Banking Manger, NAB

TIME ON NORTH COAST: Moved to Northern Rivers in 2001 (16 years)

SURFING STYLE: Regular,  normally a short boarder, new to longboarding

QUIVER:  4 x shortboards from 5’4 through to 5’11, 1 x 9’ long board

STARTED SURFING (AGE & LOCATION): as young as I can remember in Cornwall, UK


FAVOURITE FOOD: Anything with Noodles

FAVOURITE MOVIE: The Truman show

FAVOURITE ACTIVITY (BESIDES SURFING): Being out in nature, bush walking, fishing, kayaking

REASON FOR JOINING THE CLUB: Get move waves when out at Flat Rock

Member Roamings

Member Mick Wilson and partner Rosanna are on another FET (Fantastic European Tour) traveling through France and Spain and torturing us daily with pics of amazing views and fabulous french food and wine. Safe travels guys! We hope to see Mick back competing next season!

We also hear VC Steve Watts and wife Carmel are off enjoying a cruise. Have fun guys!

Social Event – Saturday 11th November

Hi Folks,

Our next social event was to have been at the  Che Bon French restaurant at Tintenbar, unfortunately a large group booked ahead of us and the restaurant is now fully booked on that date.

After considering various other dining venues it was agreed we should send some business to our major sponsor, Cherry St Sports, so we enquired and coincidentally Saturday 11th November is the grand opening of the club’s refurbished premises.

We have booked dinner in the Bistro from 6:30 pm onwards and afterwards you are invited to stay on to enjoy popular Texan band Fossil Rock. The band’s Facebook page  says they are about Straight-Ahead Rock-n-Roll of our youth….. and FUN!

Artists we like include Led Zeppelin, Bad Company, ZZ Top, Peter Frampton, James Hendrix, Aerosmith….

So it should be a fun night in the newly refurbished club premises. We have tentatively booked for 20 people, so if you want to come please let Jan (0427-738-006) or Kerry (0401-710-401) know A.S.A.P.

Hope to see you all there!




October Comp postponed to Sunday 15th October

A handful of super keen members fronted up for the October comp last Sunday morning. The conditions were quite favorable with 2-3 ft  clean lefts and rights breaking just out front with the usual crowds in the water absent for a change.  Unfortunately the poor turnout made it impossible to run the comp so it was postponed to this coming Sunday 15th October.

Despite the comp being postponed a quick hand count resulted in agreement to enjoy a social surf together. A handful of members hit the water for some fun  clean waves and a chin wag. It was a beautiful sunny day with clean 21.5 degree water and fun waves too good to  pass up.

It is very disappointing to have reasonable surf conditions but insufficient members to run our compeition. Please make an effort to participate otherwise the long term future of YOUR club is uncertain.

We hope to see more of you at the next round!



October Comp Round scheduled for 8th October

Hi Folks,

Just a quick reminder our October Comp Round is NOT on this coming weekend as we moved it to the following Sunday, 8th October, to avoid a clash with the Evans Head Malibu Classic.

Conditions are looking good on Saturday for the Evans Classic so do yourself a favour and check it out if you can! Read this recent article….

I hope to see you all on Sunday 8th October.




September comp round cancelled!

A small crew of just 9 members fronted up at Flat Rock last Sunday morning hoping to finally score some decent waves for our postponed September round.

Unfortunately Hewie was again not co-operating with the crew greeted by strong southerly winds and small swell. After 3 attempts and subsequent postponements it was unanimously agreed to cancel the September round and hope for more luck next month.

Please note the next comp is scheduled for the second Sunday of October, being 8th October, due to a clash with the Evans Head classic on the October long weekend.

Hope to see you all there!



PS our next committee meeting is scheduled for 6:00pm Monday 2nd October at Cherry St Sports for anyone interested.

September Comp Round postponed to Sunday 17th

A dozen or so keen members fronted up last Sunday for the postponed September Round. Unfortunately Hewie was not co-operating again with large swells sweeping wide past Flat Rock point.

One young fella decided to give it a go, he sprinted down to the water’s edge and started paddling, gotta appreciate his enthusiasm. After 30 minutes he was still only half way out the back so we decided to give it  a miss and reconvene this Sunday 17th September.

Hope to see you all there for another try!



Farewell for Terry Scott on Saturday 4th November.

A farewell for BMC club member Terry Scott, who passed away earlier this year while surfing at Byron Bay, will be held on Saturday 4th November at 10:00am. All his friends are invited to join a paddle out at The Pass in celebration of his life and to say farewell.

A group of BMC members will be attending so a car pool might be a good idea. Let Bruce Wilson know if you are interested.

September round postponed to Sunday 10th September

Hi Folks,

We were unable get a comp together on Fathers Day as numbers were expectedly down due to the celebrations and just 9 competitors fronting up.

A/G Captain Steve made the call to postpone one week saying judging on the day would have been difficult with sets breaking way out behind Flat Rock.

We hope to see you all this Sunday for a re-run! Fingers  crossed!



Red Wok Dinner tonight

Hi Folks,

Looking forward to catching up with you all tonight for dinner at Red wok Thai restaurant in Ballina. Red Wok specialises in modern style  Thai food.

Red Wok is opposite the Ballina Council building at 37-41 Cherry St. Dinner kicks off at 7:00pm. The restaurant still allows B.Y.O. and does sell alcohol as well.

See you there!