NOVEMBER 2012 BMC Newsletter


The Club’s October round at Flat Rock was one for the record books. It was a great summer’s day for surfing, the water temp was fresh but not too cold and everyone enjoyed themselves. That’s what it’s all about. The beer was cold and the snags cooked to perfection by Peter Wilcox and Kim Kortick.

I have been reliably told (by someone who was guessing) that this was the first time in club history that three personal bests were racked up in one comp.

Jan achieved her first FIRST in the thirds. Bill scored his first FIRST in the seconds. Not to be outdone, the whole was greater than the sum of the parts as they are the first couple in the Clubs history to both get FIRSTS in the same month’s comp! (Watch out, they’re taking over!) If my mystery history man has his facts wrong, no apologies. It sounds good and I’m not one to let the truth get in the way of a good story! Congratulations troopers!

The Liquid Glass Leggie raffle went to a deserving Peter Wilcox. The Ballina Malibu Burgers winners were Jan Webster, Bill Webster, Frank McWilliams, Alan Rich, Paul Abbott, Paul Bioletti and Geoff Rees. Have fun!

OCTOBER Results 1sts Frank McWilliams 1, Paul Abbott 2, Geoff Rees 3, Alan Rich 4. 2nds Bill Webster 1, Brian Delaney 2, Brian Fryer 3, Bob Wilcox 4. 3rds Jan Webster 1, Marg Bryant 2, Col Harper 3, Bruce Wilson DNS 4. 4ths Paul Bioletti 1, Peter Briggs 2, Kim Kortick 3, Kerry Wilcox 4.

The Club held a rather lacklustre November round at Flat Rock, at least that’s my take on it. The spring winds didn’t do anything for morale even if it did eventually turn out to be a contestable surf day.

Nonetheless, Kai Pick upset Frank McWilliams in the first round thereby allowing a real contest in the firsts. Or so we thought because Kai continued along on his winning ways, taking out the November honours anyway and some Ballina Malibu Burger vouchers. In the lustrous seconds Jan Webster took great delight in beating her hubby Bill. Not only that, Jan’s sister made it a real family affair (tragedy?!) in beating the old men with Kerry taking the fourths out and hubby Pete bringing up the rear with a no-show final. It begs the question, what was Pete afraid of?! Or, in a twist on the old set-up saying, do you beat your husband every Sunday? 2

November comp day There were some good moments

However, it was Frank again who, surfing strongly, went back to his own unbeatable form and also clocked up the top wave score for at least several months during the seconds final. The Liquid Glass leg rope raffle went to the lucky Wilcox family. Last month Pete, this month Kerry. You can fall off now whenever you want, right?

Kim and Bob checking out Bruce’s fin set-up Bruce’s fins 3

Now, a little known fact is that everyone in the comps are surfing for HAMBURGER vouchers from Ballina Malibu Burgers each month. To make it more fair, everyone is limited to three voucher wins in a row at the comps. The good news is that at the December comp almost EVERYBODY is eligible to win one who gets a placing in either of the first or second rounds. Everybody should be happy about that except for Frank McWilliams, Geoff Rees and me. We are ineligible at the last comp and that means that the fourths are getting 3 extra pairs of vouchers given away in their division. Remember cruisers, you’ll have to surf the second round to steak a claim to the prizes.

Spread the love, the loaves, patties and the chips I say.

Kai Pick getting his head into a winning mood Geoff Rees looking to his left

November Club Results 1sts: Kai Pick 1, Alan Rich 2, Steve Watts 3, Col Harper 4.

2nds: Frank McWilliams 1, Paul Abbott 2, Jan Webster 3, Bill Webster 4.

3rds: Geoff Rees 1, Peter Briggs 2, Bob Wilcox 3, Bruce Wilson DNS 4.

4ths: Kerry Wilcox 1, Kim Kortick 2, =3 Mick Wilson (DNS) =3 Pete Wilcox (DNS)

The next club comp will be the last club comp for the 2012 year on Sunday 2 December. Tune in for the final battle for hardware, fame and prizes before the presentation party.


Our end-of-year Presentation Party will be held from 3pm on Sunday 9th December at Terry and Paul Abbott’s new house. Their address is 27 Daydream Ave, West Ballina. Here is where you’ll find it, just turn at the Good Guys roundabout if you’re coming from the beach:

Jan writes about the Preso Party:

From: Jan Webster Sent: Sunday, 25 November 2012 3:35 PM To: secretary Subject: RE: presentation party newsletter info

Al, We have made an executive decision and we will be having cold leg ham- Hot chickens, bread rolls like last year–no barbie necessary! If every couple could commit to either a salad or a sweet or nibbles/yummy things of some description–that would be great, a list will be at the next round. Still BYO grog. Fingers crossed for surf conditions!!!!=



I am hell-bent on getting this out before I go to bed because I want to be able to call this the November newsletter. In the spirit of speed, I will cut out 50% of my babbling on and hopefully that will help me out. Yeah, right!

I’ve been surfing in my mind more than anything else lately but on the few days I’ve had a go at Flat Rock there have been some memorable moments. Shortly after I put out the last newsletter I had just paddled out to the rock, with a few others not far behind even though the waves were ordinary. Sitting out there I noticed, as we often do, a dolphin cruising maybe 10 or 20 metres away. I checked this one out because it didn’t look like they usually do. Usually that means checking out the fin first and foremost. The more I look at this thing the bigger it looked. It was only about 10 metres away from where I was sitting when the penny dropped that I was looking at a baby humpback whale with a beam of about two metres! That is definitely the closest I’ve ever been to a whale in the water. I caught a wave and when I got back out Kim said it had wandered south around the rocks on its way home. A-mazing!

I’ve been closer to dolphins though and I have this idea in my head that I want to surf alongside one while it’s doing an aerial and gently grab hold of its dorsal fin and let it take me for a ride. Just the other day I came close. On a junky wave a dolphin did three aerials along with me but I had a section of soup between us so I will have to keep on hoping and keep on trying. It’s good to know that even if the surf isn’t notable that we still live in one fantastic area just to be at the beach, in the water or whatever.

When I wrote that I am resigning from secretary next year I had one very positive person get in touch to urge me to instead buy that new telephoto lens and keep on keeping on! I was flattered but the lens I had in mind costs over $1000. However, I am still keen to take some more photos. It’s a shame that we really haven’t had anyone with the skills and the time to take over managing our web site. I don’t have the skills or I could maybe be tempted. Everybody that knows how to do it reckons it’s easy. I don’t agree, unfortunately. Which leads me to mention the fact that I did just buy a discount waterproof camera from Aldi just the other day. If I can ever work out how to use it (and not lose it) I will have a go… so put on your best close-up wide-angle smiley faces, I’m entering a new chapter here. It was such a good deal it seemed but then I found out that K-Mart stocks them all the time as well. Everybody can go out and get one or two! Great Chrissie present perhaps?!

We’ve had a few messages by email lately for the club and here they are: 6

From: Brian Fryer Sent: Tuesday, 6 November 2012 5:41 PM To: secretary


Hi All, Hope comp went well. No surf at Berry Springs this week and even if there was the crocodiles would get you. Did watch some surfing at the Litchfield Pub on the screen all the way from Portugal. Looked cool! Enjoy the beach. Brian


From: ALB Sent: Friday, 23 November 2012 9:13 PM To: Southside; Soul; Saltwater; Pt Macquarie; Point Plomer; Ocean Beach; Noosa; NarrowNeck; Mullaloo; Mollymook; Manly; Mal-Nut; Lennox Head; Laybacks; Gold Coast; Curl Curl; Crescent Head; Cottesloe; Clarence Head; Byron Bay; Burleigh; bondi; Ballina Mal Club; alexandra headland Subject: MESSAGE FROM THE AUSTRALIAN LONGBOARDING WEBSITE

Dear All

Another year has drawn to a close. The website has grown, with several thousand hits this year. It's all due to the in-put from you guys out there. With the next calendar year fast approaching, it's time to start organising. So if you have any open contests coming up next year, please send me the details and I'll bung them on the site. A few have already got some dates in place.

Have a great Christmas



Now I don’t normally delve into the commercial realm, but this one’s different. Why? Hey! This one’s from my daughter. She asked me to run it and that’s good enough for me:

From: Nikki Rich Sent: Thursday, 4 October 2012 9:21 PM To: BMC Secretary Subject: Re: The Latest Newsletter is now On Sale for Free

Dad, you should put in the newsletter that I can give insurance quotes (just thinking about Brian Delaney’s car accident). Suncorp’s pretty good with claims maybe even could have got them home quicker? Anyways I can give the highest discount I can to friends & family & if it still more expensive then I'm not gonna b offended if no one takes it hahaha.

That’s my girl, great sense of humour too! (did I mention she works at Suncorp?) 7

From: Lee Andresen Sent: Thursday, 22 November 2012 7:35 PM To: BMC Secretary Subject: RE: SURFERS TREE PLANTATHON OCT 28 SUNDAY

22 November 2012 Dear Alan I do apologise for being a bit slack and late in sending this 'thank you' to the wonderful Malibu surfers who helped us so much plant well over 400 trees on Planet Ark National Tree Day a month ago. Will you please pass this email onto them? Also tell then that in the week following their amazing effort our volunteers got more plants into the site and we made well over 500 which was our target for the project. Without a doubt we could not have managed that without the Malibu club's contribution. So thank you all for your work. Since the planting we have been watering them on a weekly basis. And this week a class of 30 Year 10 students from Emmanuel college came for a trip and gave them all yet another bucket of water. So we reckon they're all more or less ready now to survive on their own until Xmas, but we monitor them all every Saturday morning to check their growth, remove weeds, and say 'hello' to them. The survival rate is currently very high indeed and even the few that shed their leaves with shock after leaving their pots are, most of them anyhow, showing new buds so we reckon they'll be okay. We hope this won't be the last time the Malibu folk have come in to help keep Flat Rock maintained as the amazing place it has now become after 20 years of volunteer work. And I'm sure before long we'll find another task you can help us on. All the best, and thanks to everyone. Lee Andresen Ballina Coastcare, Media and Information Officer. 8

And here is my reply, for your info:

From: BMC Secretary

Sent: Thursday, 22 November 2012 10:11 PM To: 'Lee Andresen' Cc: .Ballina Malibu Club Subject: RE: SURFERS TREE PLANTATHON OCT 28 SUNDAY

Dear Lee,

Thank you for your acknowledgement of the efforts of the Ballina Malibu Club on National Tree Day. Your thanks are very welcome. Nonetheless, it is you and your merry band who deserve acknowledgement above all others for your long standing dedication to enhancing the amenity and ecological attributes of the Flat Rock area we so enjoy. We are merely the recipients of your efforts for the most part. Speaking personally, it was a pleasure to participate in order to acknowledge Ballina Coastcare for all the time and care you all continue to contribute to the beach we all share. So, once again, thank you for putting in so much effort at Flat Rock, on behalf of the Ballina Malibu Club we all do appreciate it.

Yours sincerely,

Ballina Malibu Club

Alan Rich, Secretary

That’s it from your Secretary, see you at the Party if not before!



(This was sent out by the Secretary already for starters)

I’m not sure if this is a newsletter, a newsletter instalment, or what – but in the spirit of getting this to you before our blood alcohol levels completely return to normal (whatever that may be, when you think about it), you can consider this MBT Wrap-Up Report from Socially Inclined Queen Jan to be whatever you want it to be. The main thing is that it is now in your inbox. Okay? Okay!

Thanks Jan for bringing the camera… although when the newspapers get hold of the photo and run it of Bad Boys Mr Farrell and Mr Harper with open beers in the back of the bus, their dreams of being able to hope to control those 5-day a week high school rear-seat rioters will probably be gone forever and ever. Thanks to Eric too!

Mysterious Bus Tourer Alan. 9

Plenty of Good Cheer!

THE Official Report:

From: Jan Webster Sent: Sunday, 21 October 2012 8:35 PM To: ballina malibu club Subject: MBT-wrapup

The Social Committee was very happy with the number of mystified travellers that joined the bus at various locations on Saturday evening.(in fact picking everyone up was a little bit of a mystery to others too!)

The journey progressed well and the food was scrumptious at "The Federal" (this is not Federal the town), where everyone got an opportunity to talk and meet with others they may not have known so well. Even the weather behaved itself and turned into a beautiful evening to be out and about.

All thanks to our very clever bus driver Eric, who got us all safely to our next destination of Bangalow where a choice of desserts and further drinking was dispersed with Footy and Dancing for those inclined. (we have no pictures of those dancing but it is understood that they enjoyed the music very well!)

Before we knew it ,it was all over -suddenly we were home- a bit of a mystery in itself! Thanks again from your ever diligent Social Committee. 10


View photos Download all

You are invited to view Jan's album. This album has 12 files.



Well there was a thunderous looking sky and a cool wind so we didn't get to see the sunset over the river as we had ordered.

We began with the odd drink or two in the Ramada where we all eventually caught up with each other. We wandered next door to find the Indian restaurant in full swing, so we fitted in quite well.

We had to be seated at 2 tables as we had opted for inside, which was just as well due to the 11

inclement weather (can't have everything). Fabulous, tasty food and lots of it!!! Before we knew it we had come to end of the arrangement and the rain had begun. So far there have been no complaints (I don't know about that other rowdy table!).

Thanks every one for your attendance once again- it's the people make the club!

The Social Committee.

Editor’s note: this reminds me of a dinner at Noosa after the Wrecks and Relics a couple of years ago. Being a Norteamericano (Gringo, North American), I talked Bruce Wilson and Paul Bioletti into dinner at the Mexican restaurant. It turned out that they were both quite apprehensive because they weren’t Mexican food aficionados and didn’t want to scald their mouths on anything hotly seasoned. I promised them that I’d guide them through the menu safely because hot food didn’t like me at all either. We all had a great meal and they were pleasantly surprised to survive unscathed from their trip to Mexico.

I guess that must have turned the corner for them because I was not at all game to try Indian food like they did (see the photo). Don’t ask me about long ago when I decided to step up to a medium hot dish, instead of mild one, at Ev’s favourite Indian restaurant. That was the last time. I’ll never 12

forget it, as much as I’d like to, but don’t ask me to relive the story for you. Ask Ev. She’ll be happy to share my pain with you.

In Memoriam

Pam Harper. One year ago on November 24, 2011. We’re thinking of you, Col and family. You’re the ones who miss her the most, we know, but remember, we do too.

Party Hardy………

October, gone and forgotten: Phil Calnan and David Zeman.

November, gone and possibly best forgotten: Kerry Wilcox and Eric Walker

If I’ve left you out this year, feel privileged. You’ve now got an extra year up your sleeve to do what you want with. Who said I never gave you any presents? That’ll be a wrap until the next one. As I say:

Party Hardy Everybody



April 2012 Newsletter

President’s Report

It was great to see some good surf again for the April Club round plus also to have some new & past members join us.

The surfing across the board was great with a few surprises in the results. Thanks have to go to Bill & Frank for keeping the heats following plus to all those who helped on the day as I believe it was a great success. Once again a thank you must go out to all our Sponsors for the assistance & generosity.

I look forward to seeing you all at the next club round on the 6th May 2012

Good waves & Happy days,

Colin Woodbry

Secretary’s Report

Hi Everybody,


We’re rolling along well now, back on track and having a good time. May is just around the corner and we’re all expecting that Flattie will become the perfect point break once again in 2012. There have been some signs of the banks in waiting just waiting for May to do their thing. Meanwhile the swell is rolling on and on. It’s all something to look forward to, isn’t it?


We also have the club website up and running again in case you tried to tune in while we were in transition. It’s at the same address as it has been,, it’s just that we’ve gone back to the 2010 web site that Chris Bull maintained. Chris has come on board and has taken up the position of I.T. guru from now on. In the near future I will endeavour to replace the photo files from 2011 of mine that were deleted for those nostalgic few of you. Hopefully members will find it easy to navigate and if you do have any user issues get in touch with your secretary so I can try to ease your pathways somehow. That means I’ll give Chris a call.


Anyway, we had a BMC Committee meeting this month and here are a few of the decisions we made. We will be coming up with new comp rashies courtesy of Triple X Wetsuits and Don Munro. With any luck they will be on show and use at the May comp.


The club also authorised the purchase 3 hand held intercoms to be used for spotting competitors and, if required, to quickly pass on safety messages. Our new VP Mick Wilson was delegated to make the purchase and, I’ve heard, that although he now has acquired them, he will not be presenting a bill to the club. The bloke must work at a bank or something, eh? Amazing Mick. Thanks. We are also on the trail of buying a few extra beach chairs which will be especially useful, I suspect, if we have any more turnouts like the last comp.


We also are looking into getting some new club jackets and T-shirts printed. We’ll talk about it at the next club round so bring your own ideas into the mix then, if not orders. Also on the club goodies front, we are checking out getting car stickers made up and membership cards.


The Captain/Caterer foolishly reported to the Committee meeting that there was ‘plenty of beer left’. Next month we’ll have to test Bill’s definition of ‘plenty’. Any volunteers out there?


There has been a significant development in the Ballina Malibu Burger vouchers available for the next comp. If you remember, the burgers rule is that after winning 3 vouchers in a row a surfer becomes ineligible to win one at the next comp they surf. Well, we now have two members in the lucky position of having won three in a row, Frank McWilliams in the Firsts and Yours Truly in the Seconds. That means that at the May comp if either Frank or I win in either round then ‘our’ voucher will go to the runner-up surfers at the bottom of the ladder. Potentially that leaves three vouchers possible to the bottom round finalists. Could we be in for some serious strategising here?


We have apologies for the May comp from Paul Abbott. He and Terry have travelled to England to see Terry’s newly born grandchild. We wish them a fabulous time and a safe and happy journey home.


Our newest club members are making their mark on the comps AND raffles it seems. At the April comp John Thomas caught the best competition wave of his life. Good on ya, John! It was a good ride but John confided that it was also the first competition wave of his life. Okay, mate, congratulations on an undeniable milestone. Now all you need to do is to win a burger and you’ll be vying for the pro ranks.


I ran into Geoff McCoy a few weeks back. He had stopped off at Flattie for a surf check on his way home from a Ballina shopping run. In the course of catching up, I got some news from Geoff about the passing of one of surfing’s most influential behind-the-scenes forces. Thor Svenson was legendary in more ways than one. He passed away in his late 80s last October where he lived, in Sydney’s Northern Beaches.


Thor basically started the world famous WindanSea Surf Club in San Diego in the early 1960’s. It’s membership was synonymous with being the world’s absolute best. It had the highest overall skill level of any surfing club ever formed, I’m certain. Swedish born Thor immigrated to Sydney in the 1970’s and went on to teach English at Balgowlah High, numbering Barton Lynch amongst his pupils. He also was the long-term surfing columnist for the Manly Daily newspaper. Thor was a behind-the-scenes advisor to McCoy Surfboards during Geoff’s heyday, hence the McCoy connection.


We knew Thor when we lived in Narrabeen and to say his life was ‘colourful’ would be an understatement. His stories of espionage and of secrets he shouldn’t have told, about surfers you would have heard of, were rarely divulged. I tried to convince him to write a biography or at least an uncensored history of the early days but whenever I brought it up he steadfastly dismissed it out of hand, which was undoubtedly the right thing to do. He took his secrets with him and I have no doubt now that he was right in doing so.


Thor was a controversial character but he was also a major player in the history of modern surfing. His chapter is now closed, RIP.


Another passing that members would already be aware of, but bears repeating, is that of Michael Peterson earlier this month at age 59. I had the good fortune to arrive in Australia for the first time in December 1973. I watched MP unleash himself on the competitive surfing world during the 1974 Australian contest season. He was just so impressive it was mind-boggling. His frenetic, energised powerhouse surfing left everyone in the water in his wake. And I do mean EVERYONE. They all knew it too. The photos and movies I took during that time just don’t do justice to his surfing genius. You had to see him in his prime to fully appreciate how far ahead of the pack he was. I reckon anyway. Condolences to his Mum June, family and friends and all his Kirra Surf Club mates.


I am having some success with adding photos from this year’s comps on the website. With any luck the March comp photos will be posted real soon as well. Keep your eyes peeled. The photos from the April comp are up and running. You can have a look at them on by clicking here:

Alan’s photos of the April comp at Flat Rock)


I’ve got to wind it up now. See you at the May 6 comp where I expect the surf to be perfect.


Till then,

Alan the Secretary


Pic Of The Month

Reintroducing, by popular demand (from the horsey set), is the Pic Of The Month. For April we feature the fearsome yet polished form of Chris Bull at the April comp. Go Chris! Yee-haw!!

(Photo by Alan)




Captain’s and Caterer’s Reports

Early morning waves greeted the April competition and continued throughout the morning with the first heat getting off to a smooth start.


Col Woodbury was there to give the judges who were a bit unsure of what was required in their scoring criteria some valuable assistance. Well done Col and much appreciated.


New members Kim Kortick and John Thomas surfed with the club for our April round. A big welcome from all members and I’m sure you will enjoy our club.


Col Harper and Wazza did a great job on the BBQ for the day, but sadly I underestimated the thirst of our Malibu club on a hot day heading towards lunchtime. Not to worry. Save that thirst and I’ll have it fixed for our May comp! All in all it was a great turn out with just about all members present on the day. (Editor’s note: not your fault, Bill. Global Thirst-causing has many unexpected consequences!)


Wazza won the leggie raffle with Peter Wilcox winning the Mi Thai voucher. Congratulations guys. Not forgetting the Malibu Burger winners who were Wazza, Kerry, Bruce, Frank, Alan, Pete Wilcox, Mick Calnan, Phil Calnan, Steve Watts and Kim Kortick. Enjoy.
Contest results are as follows:

1st division; 1st Frank McWilliams, 2nd Steve Watts, 3rd Peter Wilcox, 4th Phil Calnan, 5th Mick Calnan.
2nd division; 1st Alan Rich, 2nd Chris Bull, 3rd Rob House, 4th Bill Webster, 5th Marg Bryant.
3rd division; 1st Warren Wyatt, 2nd Kai Pick, 3rd Geoff Rees, 4th Brian Fryer, 5th Mick Wilson.
4th division; 1st Kerry Wilcox, 2nd Paul Bioletti, 3rd Bob Wilcox, 4th Col Harper, 5th John Thomas.
5th division; 1st Bruce Wilson, 2nd Peter Briggs, 3rd Jan Webster, 4th Kim Kortick.

That wraps it up for April and our next comp will be on the 6th of May. See you all then.


Happy surfing,


(Editor’s note: see my comp pictures by clicking on Alan’s photos of the April comp at Flat Rock)

Social Committee Report, number 1


Well it’s nearly too late to put your hand up for the Stanthorpe Wine tour this weekend 13th-15th April!!!

We of the Social Committee are always looking about for fun things for our valued members to do, so we will tell you all about it in our next newsletter!


Being of such responsibility – we feel it necessary to tell you we take our work seriously.

(Editor’s note: due to my need to wait on other outstanding reports this first Social Report is now outdated but Jan wrote it so it goes in!)


Social Committee Report, number 2:  Stanthorpe Stompings

The intrepid group of dedicated and eager social office bearers left at about lunchtime Friday to arrive in Stanthorpe at the Top of the Town Caravan Park just in time for Happy Hour!!


We did not notice the pleasant stroll into town to sample a local wine at one of the many pubs (all very well too). We found our way to a great little restaurant called “Anna’s”–best Italian food going, we are happy to say, before getting a cab home to our comfy little cottage.


We were picked up at 9:45am after bacon and eggs (cooked by the fellas-very nice too) and began some serious and varied wine tasting, and cheese tasting. Our bus then picked up a dozen Irish folk that were all staying together and off we went again having a lovely lunch and more serious wine tasting to follow. Stopping at a bevy of little estates that were very keen to show us their wares the afternoon seemed to just disappear and before we knew it, it was 5pm! The very compliant bus driver drove us all to our doors and even though our day was full we managed to fit in a beautiful steak just within walking distance.


We polished off the bacon and eggs the next morning and made our way to Girraween national Park for a bit of bushwalking. Needless to say” The Pyramid” was only ¾ climbed as the very steep top was beyond reach on the day. (Editor’s note: good to see you had your priorities right; after all, it was a wine festival).


A lovely lunch in Tenterfield was the last stop on the adventure home – as we wound around the little roads of Woodenbong and Grevillia areas. We eventually landed home with the gentle tinkling glass sound of full bottles in the back and the knowledge of what to do and where to go to next time!


On the May agenda is dinner out at the Mi Thai Restaurant at Lennox Head 7pm on the 19th May. We will ask for the numbers at the beach during the next club round. Or simply email Kerry or Jan so you don’t miss out!!


Bottoms up!


Click here to view Stanthorpe photos                  Click here to download all Stanthorpe photos

Photo of the Socially Committed by William Webster, Esq.



If anyone has a good title for this photo, or at least a better one than “Stanthorpe Rocks!”, why don’t you submit it to your good old newsletter editor. I think there’s plenty of room for getting creative here, what do you think?

Social Report, number 3

With her last words, via email, before heading west to Grapesville, Jan wrote that if I wanted to organise a night out while the big guns were partying hardest in Stanthorpe I could be her guest. The result was a very simple but pleasant night out at the Slipway Hotel on Saturday the 21st, comfortably attended and complete with a very nimble-fingered folk-styled guitarist/troubadour to serenade us all. No photos, sorry. We were too busy enjoying ourselves (and were the last table to leave)!


Reported by Alan the Social Ring-in




Melissa Combo has an almost new 9’1” high performance board for sale. It is from a travelling Hawaiian pro made by a big-name shaper and it’s priced for a very quick sale at $350. The dimensions are 9’1” x 21¼” x 2 5/8” and it has one unpatched ding on the bottom under the sticker between the fins. If you’re interested call Mel quickly on 0467 540 236 because it’s worth more, I’ve checked it out, but money talks and bullshit walks and that’s why it’s going cheap.


Party Hardy

Birthdays? Once you’re old enough to reach the bar with your money, who needs ‘em anyway? My usual newsletter practice is to put down all the club members each month who have a birthday, along with an at least partially embarrassing photo, and wish everyone well. Well, that’s not going to happen this month. Why? Because I’m the only member whose number comes up for April, and I don’t have anything but brilliant photos of myself. So what to do? Take what you can get, that’s what.

Happy Birthday Me!


(PS, sorry if I missed anyone but if I have you should have filled out your membership form sooner!!!)(PPS, Chris is next!).                      (photo by Pete Wilcox)