Past Champions

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Each year the best and most consistent surfer over the past 12 months is rewarded with the Club Champion Trophy.

Winning this prestigious award involves not just a high level of surfing ability but commitment to surf regularly at the monthly competition rounds.

Following the passing of club stalwart Alan Rich in 2015 the Champion Champion Trophy was renamed  the Alan Rich Memorial – Club Champion Trophy in memory of Alan’s devotion  to the Club.

champions trophy

On this page we celebrate the history of our club announcing all the Club Champions since it’s inception in 1990.

Year Name
1990 Phil Myers
1991 Phil Myers
1992 Kelven Dunn
1993 Eric Walker
1994 Eric Walker
1995 Jerry Bennette
1996 Eric Walker
1997 Eric Walker
1998 Peter Wilcox
1999 Peter Wilcox
2000 Steve Mills
2001 Scott Channon
2002 Mick Calnan
2003 Steve Bergan
2004 Phil Calnan
2005 Chris Lorroway
2006 Warren Wyatt
2007 Alan Rich
2008 Waren Wyatt
2009 Frank McWilliams
2010 Eric Walker
2011 Frank McWilliams
2012 Frank McWilliams
2013 Frank McWilliams
2014 Frank McWilliams
2015 Eric Walker
2016 Steve Watts
2107 Steve Watts

Well done fellas!

Mal on!